A music project founded and created by New York Artist Scotto Mycklebust to explore new forms, and expression in the art of music and performance.

Upcoming Performance:

Concept by Priska Juschka.

Lichtundfire: 175 Rivington Street NYC


Featuring Music by Artist Scotto Mycklebust

Mycklebust, a visual artist based in the West Chelsea gallery district has recently rejoined his pass, as a composer and musician. Early in his career he worked with Robert Wilson, John Cage, Laurie Anderson, and Philip Glass. Inspired in part by these adventurous artists, he began to undertake his own experimental projects, which were innovative in their blending of genres and styles. His early multimedia pieces included Frankenstein & Gaea: A High-Tech Tribal Opera (1982) and Metallic Dog Ballet (1982). In 1984 he collaborated with a choreographer and a computer programmer to create Borderlands: Augmented Transformations of Real and Recorded Time, a landmark work of synaesthesia that integrated music, video, and dance. His innovation and thinking outside the box brings a blend of spontaneity, improvisation, and the unknown to music.


Words/Text by Linda DiGusta

DiGusta has recently turned her talents toward her lifelong obsession with the extended view of reality called New Thought to create a radical, engaging platform for learning and empowerment called,”The Superhero’s Way.” which launched in September. Learn more on Facebook and Instagram, podcasts on Spreaker.com/thesuperherosway. Reach out to The Superhero's Way on Facebook, Instagram, Spreaker, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Patreon.

Previous Performances:


Wednesday, December 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Click to hear Shadow Intro

Lichtundfire hosts “ShadowPower,”  an experience in words and music

presented by VibeFix

Linda DiGusta, vocals, Artist Scotto Mycklebust, music.

Come out and play at the gallery’s Holiday Reception for the exhibition:

REMEMBER WHEN IT WINTER WAS — (Not a Wintermärchen—)

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Mischief night is the night of tricks and spirit, of gods and monsters,

of release and wonder. Will you dare to come out and play with VibeFix at Lucky

and let words, music, and libations inspire and unleash your inner Trickster.